Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wrong, The Cushion

This baby gave me a hard time. While the pattern I got for it was very easy to figure out (for an experienced beginner), finding the right fabric and making the right size cushion was a bit challenging (I don't sew). 

By the way, this is a vinyl record crocheted top for a cushion... (!) And since the very first time I saw the pattern at Tangled Online Magazine, I fell for it ♥. I knew it was for me. I am obsessed with having blue stuff around the bedroom, call it pictures, headboards, frames, rugs and etcetera; and I can't sleep with less than 2 pillows (for myself).

It took a considerable amount of patience, and that's exactly why I crochet, to exercise it. 17 inches of diameter, 60% black (extra hard for my eyes) 30% blue. Sewn to a rounded black cushion. Hand made 100%

This is based on the "You spin me right round" pattern by Rommyna de Leeuw.
I added a couple of rounds more to it and made the "sticker" blue, to match my bedroom obsession. 

Wrong, The Cushion is named after the failed attempt to make this beautiful top fit on a first pillow I made. And well, I had to use that other pillow for something else, so yes, two new cushions in the same week!

<- Here's a photo of my recycled cushion:

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