Thursday, February 16, 2012

A record for your coffee table

I have not updated this blog in months, though I have not abandoned it yet, I feel like I am being unfair if I don't share something with you. I must be sincere, I am not working on making any new patterns, but I surely have been pinning some at Raverly. Rarely do I follow patterns exactly as they're told, instead I try to tweak them to fill my own expectations. Let me show you what I mean. 

Here's a crocheted record. I got the original idea from Rommyna De Leeuw's You Spin Me Round, published on Tangled Online Magazine.

Quickly I found out I am no good at sewing. My first record pillow sucked. I did not even try a second one. I get easily encouraged to break rules and try something else that works for me. So, a year later I tried the pattern again. I also wanted to have a smaller finished product. De Leeuw's crocheted pillow seemed to big for my taste. I live surrounded by piles of vinyl and I wanted something the right size. What about a 7"? or even a 10"? Those are rare. See the results by yourself:

I made a sleeve for it and everything!
Since my friends fell in love with these, I've been making custom orders, and hand stitching favorite love songs, tunes, or records, on the "tag". Maybe one day I will get an embroidery machine that does it better, so far I only have a couple of hands. If your coffee table is looking for a perfect match, visit my store.

I will keep you updated about other experiments!