La Rosa

I have a little project for you, brought by my Crochet Friday Series, of course. It's a ROSE. This is a very quick project (20 minutes at most, I'd say, it takes you to crochet this flower).

I'm using 4 Ply yarn (#4, worsted medium) and a 4.5 mm hook. 

I am abbreviating them Ch, SlSt, SC and DC.
Ready? These are the instructions: 

Ch17. To the left from your hook, in the 5th Ch work 1DC, 1Ch in between them, 1DC. Now, skip 1 stitch from row below and work again, 1DC, 1Ch, 1DC in the same stitch. Repeat to end.

Ch3, turn your work, 5DC all in the space between DCs in the row below (you guessed right, where you worked 1Ch).

The 3Ch at the beginning were the equivalent to 1DC, that's why we worked 5DC next to it, to make groups of 6DC from now on. Before you go on the next group of 6DC in the spaces, work 1SlSt in that tight space between groups (where I told you not to work any Ch). Finish with 1SC and 1SlSt at the very end.

#1 shows you the chain space where you are supposed to work your 6DC, and #2 shows the SlSt worked in between groups. This cinches the work in between groups and gives them the shape of a petal. 

Fasten off. Leave a long strand of yarn, cause with the help of a tapestry needle we have to sew the rose. I like to begin with the side of the work where I started crocheting (the one with the short strand) and I roll it like this (the short strand in the inner side):

Tighten it enough so you can sew through the wholes in the base of the petals to secure it. I always leave a long strand of yarn for future use (to attach it somewhere else).

And that's it! Was that difficult? :)

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