Saturday, February 12, 2011

Audio Waves, The Bag

Audio Waves, crocheted bag
Oh yes! Audio waves!
The story:
My dear friend Michaella, whom I've been teaching to crochet, showed me a basic knowledge pattern book that she had found at a bargain box, somewhere lost between other cheap treasures. I give it a look as I raise my left eyebrow thinking: Hm, quite interesting. So we decide I borrow the book from her while she's practicing the Granny Squares. Later I get home and, while reading the book, find this "zig zag" bag pattern, give it a read and to my surprise it seems a bit cropped. Next morning I head Hill Country Weavers, the shop, on a field trip for cotton yarns ♥. Come back home decided to start working on the bag, but as I go I realize there's not only cropping but nonsense things on the pattern. Whatever. I decided to undo as much as I need, just to get the shape I had in mind, that gets close to what the pattern in the book shows, only that I had to figure it out myself, kind of. Then I start noticing the book shows only photos of the front, so, judging by the written instructions, the back panel wasn't that good looking, plus is not even the same size, AND they did the same almost to every other pattern! Oh well, I needed a challenge, and this is what came after a few hours of taking notes. I wouldn't say "not bad", but I am actually very proud of the final product!

In addition, of course, the lining: it's a two color. The cotton stitches are  strong enough for carrying books and heavy stuff inside, but having a lining makes me, and the bag, feel more comfortable, (I think). The fabric is not 100% attached to the yarn, only on the bag opening, this is so the lining can be partially taken out to be hand washed, if it's needed. It was hand sewn. Measurements: 9 1/2" wide, 12" tall. Bamboo handles 5" tall.

Let's not even start talking about the colors! PS. I am willing to share this pattern, might balance the karma for the person who made money out of a book with such mistakes! (or maybe that's why it was in a bargain box?)