Acrylic knits Care

Most acrylic yarn care instructions tell you it's machine washable and dryable, and it is, but Gatuxedo recommends to do some extra steps just to keep your yarn accessories good looking and nice feeling.

If you don't have access to a delicate cycle washing machine, if you don't want to waste all that 1-load water in just one scarf and or just don't feel like doing it by hand, you can always get your knitted clothing inside a pillow case, tie it up so it won't come out during the washing. About the drying, just remember that different types of cloth need different temperatures, so make sure you don't keep it too low or too high, and yes, you can always lay flat to dry, preferably not with direct sunlight, sun can deteriorate the colors of your clothes. Don't have a clothesline or a back yard? Just lay it down or hang it next to a window where it gets warmth.

I don't knit or crochet wool, I am friendly with the other animals. It might sound ridiculous to a few of you out there but my opinion is that if we, as humans, think of ourselves as an evolved animal ahead from the rest, we can figure to keep ourselves warm and healthy without having to take advantage of the others. Yes you can do it too.