Friday, November 11, 2011

Fan of The Experiments

Yes, this has a stained glass bulb!

I'm a fan of the experiments and I am also a fan of the red light. My house rarely gets white or natural light, unless I need to open blinds or curtains for a photo project that requires it, but I have to say, we love the red lights that make our rooms cozy and give the sensation of being in a cave. Our curtains are deep mustard so the light from outside filters creating a warm atmosphere. I have to blame the Husband for this, he gave me this obsession. When I met him, a few years ago, his apartment was carefully decorated with soft lights, white walls, brown furniture and red art everywhere.

These two lamps were accidents. The first one was given to us when the Husband's grandparents had a move out and couldn't take everything with them; the lamp looked like this. The second one was a thrift shop find, on sale, for $2. The lace work is purely experimental. Total improvisation. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.


  1. Thank you, Lisa. I don't work with lace often cause it hurts my eyes but when it comes to experimentation, it's perfect!