Thursday, December 16, 2010

004. Too cool 4 school

004. Gatuxedo Too cool 4 school
The only thing I ever liked about those all-girl private schools were their deep blue & red uniforms, they even make you want to study :P ~ I ♥ those two colors and that's why I decided to put them together for a knitted infinity scarf, extra long (60 inches) and tall enough to snuggle your face in (15 inches). Not only this huge accessory wraps you up in the middle of the cold day or night, but it also has that nostalgic touch of being back to school and it's so versatile that you can just try different ways to roll it around your shoulders, neck and head. Tie included. This item was also knitted using a 36 stitch Mayan loom. 100% acrylic yarn. NOT FOR SALE. Click on photo to enlarge view.


  1. Don't dream it! Next time I go to Mexico I'll get you a long long long telar and I'll teach you how to make it yourself. ♥