Saturday, December 18, 2010

005. B&N Infinito (Unisex)

005. Blanco y Negro Infinito 
Black & White infinity scarf is intended to be a unisex accessory. What does infinity mean? No ends. Wrap it once, or twice around your neck for warmer results. 100% acrylic yarn. Measured 7" tall and 24" long. Knitted with Mayan loom. (Click on photos to enlarge view).

Most scarves are tagged as "unisex"; in fact, if you go to a department store they're located in a more general section, not at the ladies or gentlemen ones. Although, I would like to invite you to experiment something here: Type "hand knitted scarf" on the Google search bar closest to you; look through eight pages of images and you'll barely see three to four men modeling a scarf. (Where do all men shop their scarves? Do their women do it for them? What an exclusion). Now type "hand knitted scarf for men"... Did you get the same results? 

Another thing: the very few scarves I've seen out there made for men are usually too plain or serious, and that's why some of them steal the scarves from their wives, girlfriends or sisters! 

I'm seriously applying the solution to this: I am going to make more unisex scarves, but real unisex ones. Everyone is welcome to wear a Gatuxedo scarf; not only welcome but encouraged. 

Stop splitting the looks and the tastes.

Want to buy? drop me a line el.gatuxedo (at) gmail (dot) com or read my shop announcement.

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