Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Inspired and Learn!

I thought maybe if I show you what you can DO if  you learn some Crochet, you'd get interested on it and you'd contribute to the passionated-for-handmade community with your own creative crocheted goods; and the love for the hook would grow and everyone would be so chill, because Crochet is SO therapeutic, you will wish you'd been doing it since you were younger.

Of course it's not for everyone, just like with everything else. But if you're reading my blog, you probably have certain interest. If you don't know how to crochet and your excuse is being very busy or not having the skill, get those thoughts out right now. Of course you can make time for yourself and of course you can develop ANY skills.

I am, very soon, going to take care of posting some of my favorite Crochet tutorials online, so you can watch them and get familiar with the idea of learning. In the meantime I prepared a slide of crocheted products that inspire me. Maybe they'll inspire you as well.

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