Sunday, March 13, 2011

Granny Experimental

This weekend I've been more stressed than the usual. I never have a good reason but that fact doesn't make it go away. I'm planning my trip to Mexico and it's driving me nuts. There's like 5 different things to consider before picking the date of arrival and the coming back date. It's actually not in my hands, all I need to do is wait a little bit and things will settle in. That means time to practice patience. Oh, and that means time to crochet nonstop.

I've been meaning to come up with a different Granny Square design. Or with two, or three. The process of creation that better works for me, with music, illustration, writing, cooking and etcetera, is the Experimental. Translation: I have an idea of what I'd like to accomplish. I surf the internet to fill my brain with random photos of things I love (could use a search on flickr with a few keywords of my preference: #cats #circles #rarities #japanese #whatever), I pick a few ideas and I blend them by experimenting. Example: I love how old colors look like on vintage photos (and) I wish there would be simpler crochet patterns that could still look astounding without making my eye feel like it's too much information (and it blends to) a circle to square Granny Square with a flower in the center in colors that remind me of a vintage photo. Crazy?

So I've spent a number of hours this weekend in the middle of a battle between yarns and hooks. Experimenting. Doing. Undoing. Taking notes, making drawings, looking at photos of others. I find a lot of satisfaction doing this. Best is, I think I came up with my own collection of favorite Granny Squares, and I'm going to share that with y'all soon!

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