Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Impossible Triangle - Cross Stitch Pattern

I have a new obsession lately. Yes, another. :S A wall of cross stitch was created in my house and now I only have to come up with designs that appeal my nerdyness. I have decided to go for geometry. Yeah. Bitchy or Grandma style simply isn't for me. Don't get me wrong, I love everything else Grandma style. But, Cross Stitch = Math canvas. Gets me so excited.

Plus, I got the 9 version of PCStitch, so now I can work on my own patterns. Next level of keeping my brain busy. Note that I am not using brand new materials. You can tell by looking close to the fabric and the floss. I don't really mind this because the fun is in crafting and, besides, I love recycling. You would be surprised of how much material is being sold at your local thrift store. I've found bags of hoop frames for 3 dollars and tons of unused yarn.

So I think that I will be sharing some Cross Stitch patterns over here. This blog is calling for a redesign too. Sorry, I get bored too fast. So you might see crooked things around sometimes. This site is a work in progress. So, here I share this pattern with you. Click on it to enlarge.

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