Monday, August 15, 2011

Pastel Waves the bag, the process

[It's getting super hard to keep up with this blog and all the different activities I have right now but I haven't decided to abandon it. I can't give it up. So it might take some time to update but I still have a few things in mind I need to share in here, and trust me I feel this way every time I come to put text in the box. ]

I decided to make a Pastel Waves bag. This one has a different shape than her three Waves Sisters. I didn't want to keep doing the same thing all over again. This is how I am, I vary. I can't repeat myself. That's why I find it hard to keep a routine.

First, I made panels with only 3 rows of waves. Why? The yarn I got for this project was slightly thicker than the ones I used before, so I had to use a bigger hook and it was turning into a giant tote bag so I undid a bunch of stitches, went back, did some rethinking and redesigning. This is how the panel looks:

If you are wondering what kind of stitch I use, it's the Long Single Crochet. It's basically the same stitch I used for the Piano Neck Purse (see tutorial) but arranged in a different way. I've heard people calling it Zig Zag but honestly zig zag is another thing to me. I call it the waves stitch.

Lining. Lining is next. I spent two weeks looking for a perfect cloth to go with this. I didn't want to get just some new fabric from the shop, I wanted to use something previously worn. I like recycling. Then, I found this scarf in my closet and well, I've worn it enough so what the heck. It makes the inside of the bag look psychedelic!

Did some handstitchin' on the wrong side both panels

Hand sewn both panels together. Right sides facing.

Pull the inside out.

Assembled the handles and did some ruffles on the sides.

What do you think?

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