Monday, July 11, 2011

Borders [Facts + Tutorials]

Borders are one big key when it comes to giving your crochet works a personal touch. I wanted to compile a few facts and tutorials if you feel like experimenting / practicing your skills. I am more a fan of the Afghan Borders than the Lace Edging if you ask me. Of course Lace Edgings are beyond gorgeous but I don't have the sight or the patience for lace work, so I stick with what I can do which is big hooks, thick yarn, colorwork and basic shapes.

This is an example of a beautiful crochet edging done with lace:

Here's one amazing afghan edging work with yarn, by Ellen Bloom (click here to see her blog):

I feel like starting a new afghan already. I'm still on time, only 6 months ahead for when I will be actually able to cuddle in it. Besides, my cat has stolen my favorite granny throw (I need a new one without fur):

On a side note, I fixed the colors of this photo using the Summer Haze action
for photoshop by Lisa Gutierrez of GoodKnits.
I found a great note on facts about crochet borders at the Crochet Cabana site. I think it's GREAT information and I am inviting you to get over there and read it. Why? It's super useful. I didn't want to copy-paste, I am not into stealing someone else's work. It is 11 points to introduce you to an easy experience on making edges. Click here to be safely taken over there. The site includes patterns for borders but not tutorials, so if it isn't steady ground for you yet, stick to this post.

I am only compiling for you the best video tutorials I found online. I do not own the right for these videos, although they are public and the embedding option is available. I greatly appreciate the time that these users take to make their videos and upload them. If you have any questions about what you see, refer to their youtube channel and post comments over there.


These two go a little fast, don't let that intimidate you. If you know how to work the stitches, try to focus on how to do the shape instead of trying to figure how she does each stitch so fast.

I hope that was helpful! Have fun with the hook!

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