Friday, July 1, 2011

Crochet Friday Series 10: Finishing Techniques [Fasten off and Weaving in ends]

There are 4 things you got to keep in mind for finishing your crocheted work, whatever it is, and those are:
  1. Fastening off
  2. Weaving in ends
  3. Seams
  4. Edge finishes
But because seams and edge finishes are alternative but not necessary, I am going to cover the first two today, and the next two next Friday. I am hoping that between these two posts, covering the Finishing Techniques, more patterns and exercises will be posted!

Fastening Off
When your work is completed, you need to fasten off the yarn to stop it from unraveling. This is called fastening off or binding off. 

First thing to do is: Cut the yarn, leaving a length of about 4-6" (10-15 cm). Draw the loose end through the last loop on the hook.

Second: Pull the yarn end to tighten and secure it. Here's a video:

Weaving in ends
After fastening off the yarn, you need to weave in all the loose ends. Thread the end through a blunt-ended needle with a large eye. Weave all the loose ends into the work, running them through the stitches nearest to the yarn end. 

At the top - or side of the work, weave the end through several stitches on the wrong side (the one that you don't want to be visible). Cut off the excess yarn.

Here's a very helpful video:

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