Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Retro Waves, The Handbag

This baby has been featured all over ETSY lately. It surprised me one night when I opened my e-mail and I saw a bunch of notifications of people faving my shop and my bag. Then, obviously, I started sending thank you notes to each person and asking them where did they come across the Retro Waves Handbag. To my surprise it was featured in the crochet section. It made me really happy that everyone that I wrote a thank you note, sent a message back to say how lovely my shop or my bags are. It lightened up my day.

This handbag is another member of the Audio Waves Collection. It was worth the experiment with the Retro Yarn, because I didn't really think it was going to come out this cute. I used some acrylic handles and hand sewn a pale peachy lining previously stamped with my logo.

I really wished I could make these bags all the time, because they are the cutest things ever. Unfortunately they take forever to crochet and put together, and that makes them expensive. I definitely need to start buying yarn at wholesale prices and hook it up nonstop. Still, I think, I'd have to price them a bit higher than regular handbags. 

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