Thursday, May 19, 2011

Candy Waves Handbag

I am very proud to introduce you to the sister of AudioWaves, The Bag, Candy Waves! It's possible that you did see it before if you have sneaked into my Spanish blog sometime, cause I posted an explanation of the stitch used for this handbag, over there. 

So, the story of how this beauty came to existence is this: I wanted a sweeter version of the Audio Waves. First thing I considered for this project was using color trends for Spring-Summer 2011. Tea Rose, Clothespin and Cherry were the options that seemed to get along best in this case, they did the bag themselves. The yarn I picked is a blend of Peruvian cotton & acrylic. I'm sticking with animal friendly. The only animal fiber I will ever buy for crocheting or knitting will have to be from a happy animal that belongs to someone I have met or I have good references about. Sorry to say this (wait, I'm not sorry), I know that animal fibers are warm and more, but this is the 21st century, we can manage. Besides that, this is a bag not a poncho for someone living in the North Pole. Plus, cotton has a great texture. 

There is a story behind the pattern of this bag, so it has an extra value to me. It took more than only five hours of crocheting plus lining and stuff. The lining comes from a piece of recycled fabric that I found at a thrift store, but you can't really tell it's aged, it's still Reddy. I stamped my logo myself with special care (I can't do this twice). I do the stamping to reduce time; believe me, making tags and sewing them would add an extra eternity. Besides, since it looks cleaner than stitching tags, it balances the stitched lining. To sew the lining I had to put extra care, cause I don't do it with a machine but by hand. Stitch by stitch with a polyester black thread. Why? Cause it looks great! I've always loved the look of hand stitching, so I wanted contrasting colors. The lining was also attached in a way that can be partially taken out for easy washing, in case it's necessary to remove a stain without having to put it in the washing machine. 

Another special detail about this bag is this: two sides are made with the same 3 colors but differently arranged. Can you tell? 

The handles are heavy plastic, very good quality. They're not that kind of plastic that melts in your hands or makes you sweat. I wouldn't ruin this flattering purse with something uncomfortable to wear, cause then it would turn into a beautiful piece of art to hang from your closet and showoff in your dreams when you go to bed. Note: There's a little detail about the handles though: there's a minor scratch on one of them and I didn't notice it when I bought it (I should have checked that before assembling the whole thing, my mistake), but it's so little that I think only I found it annoying (cause I'm the crafter). I wish I could have gone back to the store to get better ones, before finishing the bag. Unfortunately I realized of this way later, and undoing the open shape of the bag could turn into a waste of time. So I decided to price it for little less, just for the scratch, to sleep without guilt. Can you see that? (left photo).

I almost forget to mention that this bag is one of a kind, this information is printed on the back side of a pretty paper sheet that includes care instructions. 

Measurements? Of course! 9 1/2" across, 12" bottom to top. Care? Of course! Cool Water / Gentle Cycle / Lay Flat / Do not Iron / Do not Wring. Hand crocheted in a smoke-free environment. I almost want to keep this bag to myself, but I don't really need it, I have plenty of bags! So yeah, if you're craving it, visit my ETSY shop, cross your fingers and hope it's still there. Meow~

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