Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Romance Pledge... What?

Often happens to me that, just when I'm ready to snuggle in my delicious white marshmellowy bedspread, close my eyes and do the trip to the other life over the land of the dreams, I come up with the craziest ideas (I first wanted to say lucid, but honestly by the next morning they just sound plain crazy). 

Every time I visit my family in Mexico, ever since I moved to the US,  I feel that I spend real quality time with them. Of course, since I don't see them that often, (we do talk over the phone, I mean Skype, and e-mail several times a week) I surely miss just sitting around with them cracking jokes. I don't know how many times we've talked about how my parents met each other, surely dozens, since I was born. Every time there's something new we, my brother and I, didn't know. This makes me terribly curious about details and I begin asking questions nonstop. I am quite an analytic person and going through facts all over again it always brings new results and perspectives in my life. So there I am entangling my present going back to my parent's past. I've tried also asking about my grandparents and other relations that I grew close to. This activity has always left some kind of a bliss and the sensation of being emotionally lighter. Does that make any sense?

I've been, for a while, meaning to start up a charity project, but honestly the idea of a project that involves a lot of people has always intimidated me. I have what it's called a INFJ personality, and socializing just isn't my thing. I've heard all kinds of stuff about this, I'm not shy, I just have a different brain. The point is I had this incredible idea of putting those two things together, the Love Stories and the Charity Project, and this is what it turned into, the Romance Pledge Project. So I asked my dear friend Michaella to give me a hand with a few things, and obviously tons of moral support, and it's finally here. 

Romance Pledge is a Charity Project. People curious about participating: you don't need to donate one single penny, but must submit a Love Story you have previously got from someone else. I want you to experience that bliss and that lightness. Thanks to the internet, something that brought the anonymity revolution we're living right now, we're changing the way we communicate with other people. We are overusing technology, we NEED to stop being an I.P. address and be someone again. We become obsessed with our profiles online and with talking about ourselves. So, why don't we chill for a little bit and go ask our neighbor, our boss, our daughter's best friend, anyone: will you tell me a Love Story about someone you know? will you tell me how did you and your partner meet? a story about adopting a child? Really, anything that will set the other person in a trance of stopping the time to bring the good memories for a minute. Will you try?

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