Monday, May 16, 2011

Square Purse Experiment

I'm obsessed with Squares. Yep, Granny Squares. I like them so much I started a Granny Wall in my studio and it gives me the impression that it won't be just a "wall", you know? And because I've been making a dozen a day and I have a few coin purse frames, I decided to go for an experiment.

(Does anyone know about someone that sell or distribute purse frames in the U.S.? I had to order a few and have them shipped from Australia. I've seen a few ETSY shops selling them, based in Korea though. So far no luck with anything in the States and I have to say that my experience with this company I ordered the frames from wasn't very good, they were too expensive and shipping was even more; not to mention they took forever to arrive and they're not the best frames I've seen).

Also, I've been meaning to show you this retro yarn I have. Yes RETRO YARN. There's two facts about it that make me love it even more, first one that's made in Mexico and second that has been manufactured same colors, same everything, for over decades! That means it's new but naturally retro. I'll tell y'all about it in another post soon. I talk about this Retro Yarn in another post.

I recently surfed the web for tips on how to make a crocheted coin purse. I picked a few blogs that had great ideas and pretty cool stitch work. I realized this vintage yarn doesn't perform so well with anything that needs to be bulky and that also includes working in circles. There's just something about it that doesn't have that texture I want. Texture is so important. That's when I decided to only make squares and then to make a simple 2 Squares Coin Purse.

They're are two Right-Angled Granny Squares (don't know how to make them? Try here), in Lime and Salmon Ply 4 Yarn. About 4 x 4" each. Since the frame has two rings, one on each corner, a chain can be hooked; and because of this, I thought of making it a flat purse. 

I had to make a lining too, otherwise anything you put inside would come out through the holes. Luckily I had some crazy greenish fabric from the 90s I had been saving for a project like this. Now that the purse is done I think the green lining would do better with blues and grays so I guess I'll be making another one of these.

I still need to do something about that horrible look of the inside of the frame. I'm going to let it rest and wait for day light of tomorrow. Have you ever made a crocheted coin purse? This is my first time. 

There's a blog I read called the Voodoo Notes where a great writer, Ricë Freeman-Zachery, talks about creativity and the process of and other related things. One of the topics that has been discussed lately in comment threads and posts is that artists/artisans should also talk about and show the process of their work, even when it's ugly or didn't go the desired way. So here I am.

Doesn't it look like a Pop Frog? I think I'm going to name it the Pop Frog. I don't like turtles, don't hate me. I'm off to make some hibiscus iced tea and pan popcorn because my hair stylist is coming over tonight for a snack  & records hair party. Good bye hair, Hello Summer!

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