Friday, April 8, 2011

Crochet Friday Series 1: Chain Stitch

Crochet Friday Series #1: Chain Stitch

Want to learn to Crochet but magazines and websites are too intimidating? Welcome to the Crochet Friday Series!

Yes, I decided to blog every Friday about HOW TO Crochet; and I am personally picking the best videos (best explanation, best audio, best resolution, best tone of voice - yeah! tone of voice has always made a big difference in me paying attention to teachers in school).

First episode is for the mother of all stitches, The Chain. Without Chain there's no Crochet, there's no doilies, no scarves, no bags, no nothing. 

Of course, beginning it's supposed to be discouraging and annoying, specially with a hook and a piece of yarn that you obviously don't even know how to handle with your two hands. 

First time I tried Crochet I felt like an idiot myself; I mean, all those years in school and at home learning how to use my hands and fingers and after so many years I can't hold a hook and make some yarn go through a loop? - But it is also so mechanical that once you practice for, let's say, ten minutes, your hands get set on automatic. If you practice this super simple stitch enough to do it without having to put your four eyes on it all the time, it will be so easy to learn the next basic stitches; and the next basic stitches will get very interesting, let me tell you. Now, no one has the patience, OK? We all exercise it in different ways, call it listening to your family's complaints, or call it making your own accessories with a hook. I pick the second without a doubt. I suck at being patient. BIG TIME.

I chose Teresa Richardson from the Art of Crochet. Voted for many many many users as best tutorial maker for Crochet. I actually learned, and keep learning, stitches and tips from her videos. So, here. Practice for a week and see you next Friday!

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