Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello Kitty Patches

Hello Kitty Crocheted Patches Pattern in American English

Hello to everyone! This is a project I started as a gift idea I had in mind. I'm not even a fan of Hello Kitty, but the person who's getting these patches is, big time. This was a way for me to say ♥ Thank You ♥ to Karina, a cute talented girl I just met during my last trip to Mexico and who gave me a free tattoo, a beautiful home made job. 

This is Karina at her office
First thing I thought about giving something to someone who's not really crazy about crochet was, it has to be a fun accessory. So I made it a set of patches that she will be able to sew anywhere she wants. The patches are 4x5" and I attached a nice fabric to the back to hide all the knots. 

I never did anything like this before and I have never tried Amigurumis so I had a very vague idea of how to work it. I got some help on this pattern online but I noticed a few mistakes and I couldn't take the confusion so I started over and did it myself. (Enlarged that paragraph for those who denounced I stole the pattern from Petrakot, maybe you want to read what I wrote again, and again).

Materials: you're going to need white (or off white) yarn, black for eyes and whiskers, pale pink for the nose and two more colors of your preference.


Ch - Chain
SlSt - Slip Stitch
SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
Tr - Treble Crochet
St - Stitch

Note: This pattern is worked in rounds, that means we make a foundation chain and we stitch all around in circles. AND, I didn't realize until now but first 2 photos are rotated 180° to the left, so don't let it confuse you. 

R1: Ch10, 8SC starting on 2nd Ch from hook, 3SC in the same stitch, keep working around the foundation Ch 8SC and end with 1SlSt to join work.

R2: Ch1, 2SC in same St, 7SC, 2SC in same St, 1SC, 2SC in same St, 7SC, 2SC in same St, 1SC, Join with SlSt into top of first Ch. (See photo below).

R3: Ch1, 1SC, 2SC in same St, 7SC, 2SC in same St, 3SC, 2SC in same St, 8SC, 2SC in same St, 1SC, Join with SlSt into top of first Ch.

R4: Ch1, 2SC, 2SC in same St, 8SC, 2SC in same St, 4SC, 2SC in same St, 8SC, 2SC in same St, 1SC, join with SlSt into top of first Ch.

R5: Ch1, 2SC, 2SC in same St, 9SC, 2SC in same St, 4SC, 2SC in same St, 9SC, 2SC in same St, 2SC, join with SlSt into top of first Ch. (See photo below).

R6: Ch1, 2SC, 1HDC, 1DC, 6Tr in same St, 1DC, 1HDC, 4SC, 1HDC, 1DC, 6Tr in same St, 1DC, 1HDC, 5SC, 2SC in same St, 11SC, 2SC in same St, 2SC... (See photo below).

Now just join Color B with SlSt into top of first Ch.

R7: Ch1, work 1SC in each St around and join with a SlSt into top of first Ch. Fasten Off. (I used a lighter weight yarn for this outlining detail but that's really up to you). (See photo below).

The Bow:

In another color: Ch7. Starting on 2nd Ch from hook, work a SC in the next 5St, 3SC in same St, 4SC (working in rounds again), 2SC in same St, Join with a SlSt into top of 1st Ch. SlSt in the next 3Sts, 1SlSt across the center of the bow (see photo below)...

... Keep SlipStitchn' into next 7Sts and fasten off. Wrap the loose ends around the waist of the bow to cinch it, and then pull them through the kitty face so you can knot them from the back. (See photo below).

Nose and eyes:

For the eyes, I used a (aprox) 4" long yarn strip for each eye, in black color. I pulled both ends from the back to the front and tied a double knot, then pulled them again to the back and tied them again to secure. For the nose I didn't make any knots in the front, only pulled them through from back to front a few times to give it the bulky effect and tie them in the back to secure. (See photo below).


To save time and yarn I didn't cut a piece of yarn for each whisker. Using only 1 long strip of yarn I pulled from back to front and front to back. (See photo below).

Last thing I did was to attach a piece of fabric to the back. Why? Cause if I'm making a patch that will be sewn to another surface, I gotta make sure the loose ends will not be messing around. So I tied them all up AND sew a piece of fabric of my preference, by hand, pulling the needle through the back loops of every SC of the outline. (I have a photo of a different patch for this but take a look).

And that's it! 

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  1. THANK YOU!! I ♥ hello kitty!

  2. Ooh, so cute!!

    Hm... I wonder -- have you ever tried using those iron-on patches?

  3. Chibi-faolan: Nope. I should, uh? Although ironing crochet accessories requires much more care than other type of fabric items. But I guess I can figure out something. Thanks for the tip! :)

  4. I've never even used them before, so I don't know how well they work, but it seems like it'd be less headache than sewing... then again, it might just mean that I avoid picking up a sewing needle at all costs. o_O

    The only thing I worry about is the effect of the iron on the yarn -- that is, if I'm using acrylic yarn, what are the odds of ending up with one solid piece of plastic? XD I guess I'll just have to find out!

    1. Don't get the iron super hot & place a pillowcase over your project (patch & all) to iron on your patch. Keep the iron moving & be patient, it takes more time for the patch to adhere because your iron isn't super hot. I have done this with a few projects & it works out rather well for me.

  5. Thank you for a great pattern! I have been looking all over the web for a free Hello Kitty and tried a few different patterns that were to confusing to figure out and I am a seasoned crocheter. Your pattern went together very quickly and easily. Thank you for the pics and taking the time to share this.

  6. You're very welcome Julia! I wish I had time to publish more paterns!