Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Picture on the left: Oh my! This is one of the most beautiful pieces I've seen in my life. It came straight from dreamland. Keri Joy Colestock makes them, you have to run to her online shop and look!

I found her pieces by looking to Puzzles on ETSY, and I couldn't resist to have her in my latest treasury I'm Puzzled!

I love puzzles. One of the best gifts I once got from a dear dear friend was one single piece of a puzzle! It means the world to me. It's the key to a thinker.

I know that, for a lot of people, looking at shops for hours represents getting anxious for buying. Luckily this doesn't happen to me anymore, I can just look for hours just admiring the handmade pieces that a lot of people create and that, thanks to ETSY, we get to see page by page with full descriptions. It just makes me feel connected to other artists, more than making me want to posses every single listed item. Some times when I get lost at thrift stores with the Husband, he gets nervous about me wanting to keep compulsively shopping, but I always tell him "I am just looking, I just want to look", and it's true. I love being able to look and admire without having the hunger of making things mine, or maybe I do have the hunger, but it pleases me to tame that beast in me?

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