Friday, April 22, 2011

Crochet Friday Series 3: Slip Slitch

Slip Stitch! I love everything about the Slip Stitch. Starting with the name, I mean, it sounds like a dance step, Do the Slip Stitch! Now do the Twist! :P What else do I love about it? It's very discrete, almost like a ghost that fixes your work here and there going unnoticed. Yeah, you can't make a sweater slip stitching but you wouldn't be able to easily attach pieces of that cardigan without it!

Uses for the SLST: 

This is a starting ring for a Granny
Square. It's 6 Chains, a SlSt in the
very 1st Chain, and continued
with 3 extra chains.
You need this stitch for turning a chain into a ring. What for? So you can start stitching inside the ring and work in circles. Like what? Like the beginning point of making a pair of slippers, or the starting circle of a granny square. What else? When you finish your last stitch in the middle of a row but you must continue starting by the corner, well, you will "walk down the street" slip stitching. Why? Cause it's almost invisible!

So I'm bringing today a tutorial on how to work the Slip Stitch. Sure, Boring. Wait for the next Crochet Friday Series and with the stitch I will be showcasing, you'll have completed almost a full set of basic stitches AND you will be able to work on a little project, along with me. Oh yeah. But you must know how to Slip Stitch so get that hook going.

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